Benefits of medicated lozenges

Sore throats are literally a pain in the throat, and that pain or discomfort is caused by inflammation in one or more areas of your throat. Whether it’s that first sign of a dry, tickly sore throat or that throbbing or sharp stabbing throat pain, you want something that will provide relief at the site of pain.

Medicated lozenges are a great option for managing your sore throat because they get to work where you need it most – in your mouth and throat. Lozenges are designed to be sucked and dissolved in your mouth, slowly releasing the active ingredients directly into your mouth and throat to quickly relieve pain.

And just by slowly dissolving in your mouth, lozenges also create what’s called ‘demulcent effects’ – providing lubrication and moisture to the irritated and inflamed areas all throughout your mouth and throat, and increasing saliva production to help soothe and protect the delicate tissues. Lozenges are also conveniently portable and easy to take, especially when your sore throat makes swallowing tablets difficult, and can deliver faster pain relief than other pain-relieving tablets.

How to use medicated lozenges

Medicated lozenges are intended to be sucked slowly rather than chewed. By dissolving in the mouth, the lozenge releases its active ingredients directly to the areas of inflammation in your mouth and throat. Always follow the directions on the label to make sure you are taking the right dose of lozenge.

Types of medicated lozenges

Another bonus found with lozenges is that they can contain one or more active ingredients in different combinations to help you find relief from whatever type of sore throat or mouth condition you are dealing with. Common ingredients for sore throat lozenges are analgesic (pain reliever), antiseptic or antibacterial, and local anaesthetic (numbing) agents.
DIFFLAM® by iNova offer medicated lozenges that target the diffuse, local inflammation and redness around the throat and mouth to deliver local soothing and relief of sore throats and painful mouth conditions. Talk to your pharmacist to help you discover the right sore throat lozenge for you.

Lozenges for a dry, tickly, itchy sore throat

Look for DifflamAB Sore Throat Lozenges to combat the first signs of a dry, tickly, itchy sore throat and soothe mild sore throat pain. DIFFLAM AB contains two antibacterial agents (dichlorobenzyl alcohol and amylmetacresol) to help kill bacteria associated with minor throat and mouth infections. Available in tasty lemon, blackcurrant, orange, and honey lemon flavours.

Dosage – Adults and children 6 years and over: 1 lozenge every 2 to 3 hours as required; maximum of 12 lozenges per day.

Happy Family Lozenges

Lozenges for a sharp, stabbing sore throat

For a sharp, stabbing sore throat, DIFFLAM HEXTRA Sore Throat Lozenges contain hexylresorcinol – an antiseptic to fight bacterial throat infections with local anaesthetic properties to numb throat pain. Available in purple grape flavour.

DosageAdults and children 6 years and over: 1 lozenge every 3 hours as required; maximum of 12 lozenges per day.